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Wed 03/09/2008 'Very Quickly'

I got a wonderful surprise in today's post; C. got me copies of 'Infinity', 'Frontiers' and the Greatest Hits DVD. WOW!

Anyway, I've only had a chance to listen to each album once so far, but I have to be up late tonight to write an essay and do some prelim reading for tomorrow, so plenty of opportunity to repeat listen :)
So, my opinion at this point?

Infinty - sigh. Love, love, love. "Winds of March" gives me goosebumps and "Opened The Door" sent tingles down my spine. I don't know if it was Steve's happiness at being part of this band or something more, but this whole album has such a joyous undercurrent for me.

Frontiers - ooooo, half heartbreak and half anger! If you knew nothing about the band, one listen to this would clue you in that there was some serious trouble in the band members' marriages/relationships. "Send Her My Love" was the first Journey song I heard, and yanked me into this little obsession of mine, so 'nuff said there. "Back Talk" made me a little uncomfortable, actually; a real raw edge cry of rage there! "Rubicon" I love, and "Troubled
Child" - oh, that long note Steve holds on the end of "chasing the moon" just makes me weak at the knees. Still an agressive edge to it, though; a song I need to have playing when I need to psyche myself up to tackling the killer weeds taking over the back garden.

The copy Chelle got for me has some bonus tracks - why wasn't "Only The Young" (which I am familiar with, from 'Essential") and "Liberty" not included on the album originally? Both are beautiful songs! Well, ok, "Liberty" isn't exactly your standard Journey song, but I really fell in love with this song (I've just played it three times over in rapid succession!)



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