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Hmm, slightly different experience this time.

'Captured' I love - it's got a great energy and vibe (and I'm having a hard time turning it off). I think I prefer Gregg Rolie to Jon Cain - the music is that bit more raw and energetic and... I don't know. There just seems to be something missing once he left, although I don't think I know enough of the later stuff to really tell. But I ***really*** like his voice with Steve's; they compliment each other nicely, especially on "Feeling That Way". Some new 'bestest-favourites' and 'Captured' has kept me bopping for most of the day: yet again I'm too wired to sleep. Good thing I got a good 8 hours last night!

'Trial By Fire' I've got mixed feelings about. I like it, but it doesn't seem to have the chemistry of the earlier stuff. I'm enjoying listening to it, but it doesn't have that fire that I've associated with 'Essential' (and now 'Captured') that has kept me wide awake and buzzing along (ok, I know technically both of those are compliations from several album listings), nor does it have the intense passion and conviction that I've associated with Steve Perry's solo stuff that just pulled me in and kept my heart racing along. Don't get me wrong, I'm still dancing along to quite a few songs ("I Can See It In Your Eyes" is already on my listen-to-while-training MP3 player list), "Trial By Fire" gives me goosebumps every time I hear it, and "It's Just The Rain" had me bawling like a baby (which was a bit embarrassing, because my friend turned up and I had to explain that I was fine, just pulled into a song, which she didn't get.) Steve's voice still has me on an emotional rollercoaster, too, but this album didn't grab me by the throat and shake me the way the others have. Definately bears repeat listening though!

Anyway, I'm making use of my 'Captured' induced insomnia - I'm finally re-organising my book room and getting all the books back on the shelves and in some kind of order!



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